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School Board discusses elementary addition

Lennox School Board of Education met Monday night for their regular meeting.

Under discussion items, Superintendent Chad Conaway talked to the board about their progress in moving forward with the Lennox Elementary building plans to accommodate growth at the elementary level.

“This will probably be the last meeting in this particular room [in the elementary building] for a board meeting because this room will be a Jr. Kindergarten next year,” Conaway said, illustrating the expanded needs in the school.

Conaway explained that two firms have told them that the west wing of the current elementary building would need major renovation if they decided to continue to use it—particularly HVAC, plumbing, roofing.

The plans he presented show building straight to the south. Once that building was completed, they could demolish the old west wing. Then, when they need four sections per class, an additional classroom wing could be added to the west.

The bus pickup and dropoff would also be moved to the west side.

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