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Lennox School District end of the year honors: Crosby named Teacher of the Year

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 Lennox School District held their annual end of the year lunch and program to honor this year’s Teacher of the Year and Classified Employee of the Year, as well as recognize long time employees of the Lennox School District.

This year’s Teacher of the Year was Blake Crosby, a 5th grade reading and social studies teacher at the Intermediate school. Crosby has been with the Lennox School District four years, his first year was spent as a 4th grade teacher in Worthing elementary.

Originally from Sherburn, Minnesota, Crosby attended Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA before landing his first teaching job here.

“Both my parents are teachers back in my hometown. They showed me what a big impact you can make on a student’s life. That’s what really made me decide to be a teacher. I, as well, wanted to try to impact young men and women in our community,” Crosby said.

He said that seeing the students’ smiling faces when they get a concept is the most rewarding part of his job.

“You always see a ‘light bulb’ in cartoons when the main character understands something or gets an idea. I would say the same is true about students, because their faces light up and they get a huge smile on their face. Anytime a student pushes through adversity, there is something so rewarding about that for them and me. Another rewarding part of being a teacher is creating relationships with my students, and getting to know them on a deeper level than student and teacher. I also really enjoy getting to know their families and hearing their background.”

Crosby considers the challenges of education have a lot to do with the changing world we live in.

He said, “Students, more than ever, have information at their fingertips. Because of this, they have grown up in a culture of instant gratification. Due to them not having this reward right away with school work, the students will lash out, creating attitudes and poor effort.”

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