Lennox City Council questions recent water bill increase

One addition was made to Monday night’s Lennox City Council agenda — water and sewer rates.

Under old business, Councilman Brock Rops raised a question regarding this month’s increase on the water bills, citing concern from several citizens and council members.

He noted that rather than the $5.15 increase on average, he saw a $15 increase. Others concurred. One citizen in attendance said that his bill was up 38 dollars, which he said was a 42% increase.

Amanda Anglin, Lennox City Administrator, said, “We may have made a mistake, it’s possible that something didn’t calculate right. We’ll go back and recheck it and see.”

On Tuesday morning, Anglin confirmed an error in the structure of the new rates was discovered. She said that city staff will work toward adjusting the rates accordingly.