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Special delivery: Volunteers needed for Meals on Wheels program

The Lennox Senior Citizen Center, located at 519 South Main Street, is a busy place most weekdays, especially during the noon meal time. There are those in the community though that cannot get to the center for lunch, and instead take advantage of the Meals on Wheels program.

The Meals on Wheels program consists of a hot noon meal, delivered to your door. Volunteer coordinator for the program, Margaret Meyer said the whole theory behind the program is that it allows people to live independently in their own home.“It’s a great help for people; if you’ve just had surgery you don’t feel like going to the kitchen to fix a meal,” she said.

To be eligible to receive meals, recipients must be 60 or older and home-bound, meaning they spend most of their time at home or are unable to prepare healthy, consistent meals in their homes for medical or social reasons. Meals on Wheels is a donation based program; the minimum suggested donation is $4 per meal. If you are under 60 and interested in receiving Meals on Wheels, you may call and check if you are eligible for the Meals on Wheels program.

Meyer said what makes it all possible are the volunteers who deliver the food, and that is why she’s urging people in the community to consider donating their time. There has never been a day that meals were not delivered due to lack of volunteers, but Meyer said many of their regular volunteers have gone south for the winter and they are in need of help.

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