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City of Lennox ties in Best Tasting Water contest

The City of Harrisburg recently received special recognition from South Dakota Association of Rural Water Systems (SDARWS) at the organization’s 2018 Annual Technical Conference in Pierre. The water system was awarded with the Best Tasting Drinking Water award.

But Lennox was a close second place finisher. It was announced there was a tie for first place, so there was a “taste off” between the top two —Lennox and Harrisburg. Harrisburg’s water won the tie-breaker and Lennox’s water was second.

Troy Larson, Executive Director of Lewis & Clark Regional Water System said, “Both Harrisburg and Lennox use 100% Lewis & Clark water, so it’s certainly understandable why it was so hard for the judges to select a winner. Congratulations to Harrisburg and Lennox for having the best tasting water in the state!”

During the contest a panel of judges chose the best tasting out of 21 water samples submitted by rural and municipal water systems throughout South Dakota. Each sample was judged on clarity, bouquet and taste. Harrisburg will go on to represent South Dakota in the Great American Water Taste Test at the National Rural Water Rally held in Washington, DC, on February 7th, 2018.

The 2018 South Dakota Rural Water Annual Technical Conference hosted over 500 individuals and provided water and wastewater educational presentations for board members, managers, and water operations specialists from throughout South Dakota.

Jeremy Gulbranson, Lennox’s Water and Sewer Superintendent said it’s a great reflection on how the city takes care of their water distribution system.

Although the water is from the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, once it enters the City of Lennox, the quality standards fall to the City.

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