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Local cowboy takes first at USTPA World Championship

The United States Team Penning Association (USTPA) 2017 Shaefer World Championship was held in November. Bringing home first place in Team Penning for 2017 was local cowboy Daryl Hammerstrom.

Hammerstrom was part of a team with ‘Skip’ Davidson from Little Rock, Arkansas and JT Powell, also from Arkansas. The three men didn’t know each other before competing; Hammerstom explained they all did “draws” at the world show.

The show took place at the Will Rodgers Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. This year was Hammerstrom’s first time competing with the USTPA.

He said, “It’s tough… it’s the gentleman’s club; the best of the best.”

He found himself up against many who compete for a living. He describes his participation as more of a hobby, although he travels quite a bit for shows and loves the experience.

Hammerstrom needed to qualify for the World Championship, which he did and ended his year ranked 37th in the world after the World Finals.

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