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Boynton Avenue joint maintenance agreement with Perry Township moves forward

The Lennox City Council met on Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017. Under old business the council heard details regarding the Boynton Avenue joint maintenance agreement that City Administrator Amanda Anglin is working on with Perry Township. The agreement, that outlines the joint maintenance of Boynton Avenue, from North Elm Street to North Cleveland Street, was drafted by the city attorney.

Ed Fett had expressed on behalf of Perry Township that they would like specific language for snow removal, to ensure that they would not be plowing within city limits, and also to include verbiage to specify that mutual agreement by both parties would be needed for replacement of culverts. The agreement will continue to be ironed out.

The council approved second reading Supplemental Appropriation Ordinance #581 for 2017 and approved the Ordinance #583, which amends the ordinance for Manufactured Home Parks.

Under the City Administrator’s report Anglin told the Council that Mr. Doorn is proposing to put a house just to the west side of the golf course. She explained that Mr. Doorn wants to make sure the Council was willing to allow that to move forward. The council brought up no objections.

Anglin explained that she had approved the annual garbage contracts. She also said that there was equipment issues at the Waste Water Treatment Facility that were dealt with but did require over-night shipping of some parts. The Administrator’s report was approved.

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