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Road work complete on Lennox Main Street

Lennox Main Street is expected to be open to traffic some time late this week. Travelers will no doubt enjoy the smooth ride that the new surface provides.

According to project engineer Jon Fischer, of Stockwell Engineers, concrete work in Phase 2 was completed last week. Grading behind the curb and black dirt application in Phase 2 was to be completed by Monday, December 4. Seeding will follow black dirt. After Phase 2 has been seeded, the mailboxes will be reset in Phase 2 and permanent signs will be installed in Phases 1 and 2.

He said, “We anticipate the street to be open to traffic sometime late in the week of December 4th. Punch list work will continue until the middle of December. The landscaping at the park and at various locations throughout the project will not take place until spring. The striping will also take place in the spring.”

Lennox City Administrator Amanda Anglin was pleased with the project. “This project has gone very smoothly. We’ll have a wonderful looking Main Street; it will be a nice addition to our community,” she said.

Homeowners along the road-way have noticed a few changes, one is the addition of sump pumps under drain lines. These allow for homeowners to place their sump hose in the drain line that connects directly to the storm sewer.

Jeremy Gulbranson, Lennox’s Water and Sewer Superintendent said that all future projects will include this added feature. He said that drainage really drove the design of this project.

“Residents should be much happier with the way things drain,” he added.

Main Street was lowered for drainage purposes, which did affect several homeowners who saw the dirt cut to slope down to the sidewalk because of the grade change. The other option would have been a retaining wall.

Anglin said that the road was probably lowered close to a foot for drainage.

With the water main and sanitary sewer installation throughout the project Gulbranson said they were able to evaluate several abandoned sewer services that were taking on ground water. He said in those instances they were eliminated or stubbed and properly capped.

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