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Family fun at Achievement Days

The Lincoln County Achievement Days were held last weekend at the Canton Fairgrounds. Wednesday night was an especially busy evening with the community barbecue, fashion review and talent show. 4-H’ers spend a lot of time preparing for Achievement Days; for families with multiple kids involved in a club it’s even more.

Wednesday, the Mike and Julie Bosma family took time before the fashion review to share more about their 4-H experience.

Mike and Julie and their three children live near Lennox, the Bosmas were the Poultry Chairs for this year’s Lincoln County Achievement Days.

“Basically we’re here to check animals in, verify their paperwork and get them in cages,” Julie said.

She added that the judges are hired by the extension office.

All the different areas have chair people, Mike explained. “It’s all volunteers who do that and keep things running smoothly. Checking the animals in and out and cleaning up at the close of the week.”

“It takes a ton of volunteers,” Julie said.

Mike was in 4-H as a kid, and he said it’s been a good experience for his girls.

Kaylee, age 13 has been involved in 4-H for four years. She and her sisters are members of Lincoln County Livestock. For Karlie and Kenzie, age 9, it has been their first year to be eligible as a true member. Mike said that before that the younger girls were part of the Cloverbuds.

The Bosma girls all show chickens, goats and have entered several craft items in Achievement Days. The family has 32 chickens at their rural home. The goats that they show are leased from another family.

Mike said that option has been a really great experience.

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