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Beamers Pub open at new location: Separate dining area and food options coming next month

Main Street in Lennox has seen a lot of changes this year, one is the addition of the orange and black bar on the corner of First and Main. For Harley Davidson enthusiasts the connection is obvious and for fans of the Lennox Orioles the colors make sense. Bar owner, Jim Dover, said the choice of colors allowed him to kill two birds with one stone.

“We’ve gotten a lot of compliments,” he said.

Beamers Pub opened at the new location on June 1, 2017. The business has been in Lennox since October 2006, formerly located at 118 South Main Street. The move 250 feet north has allowed Dover to more than double his space and create a welcoming environment that includes a separate dining area, a large open bar, small casino, and a back garage/patio area.

Dover first opened his bar ten and a half years ago. “The first go round was to test the waters, I wanted to do this from the beginning,” he said motioning to the new building.

Dover said the addition of food will be the biggest difference when that is up and running. He and several staff members are getting certified in food service and plan to open the dining area the end of July.

Dover said the menu will include bar-type food such as burgers and fries, chicken-strips and cheese-balls. Food will be prepared in his new Quick n’ Crispy Grease-less Fryer. Dover said he was really impressed with the fryer. He said, “It’s a good addition, especially for health conscious people who don’t want the grease.”

He thinks the set-up of the new space has the best of both worlds regarding the bar atmosphere and dining.

“We have a lot more room, it’s nice and open, and if you don’t want to deal with the bar or have your kids in the bar you can go to the dining room,” he said.

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