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Upscale Overstock expands

It was in September 2016 that Nathan and Elizabeth Hopf, of Lennox, opened their business Upscale Overstock. Business has been good the first year, so good in fact the couple wanted to expand. Just last month Upscale Overstock moved to the former Sunshine Foods Building, located at 217 S. Main Street, Lennox.

Nathan said the move nearly triples the amount of space they have for their merchandise. One of the biggest differences customers will notice in the larger store is the expanded inventory. Nathan said the new furniture section includes about five to seven times more furniture than they had at the old store.

“People wanted more selection,” said Nathan, “People wanted to look at six or ten sofas not three. Before we couldn’t display everything we had; it was severely congested at the other building.”

The new store allows them to spread out and increase what items are carried. And those items are always changing, the store is stocked with truckloads of items from high end retail stores. Nathan said they are always on the look out for new loads. Some of the loads are manifested and list the original price of all of the items. Nathan said, “Everyone of those we cut 50% off the listed original price.”

If the load is non-manifested they don’t get to see the prices, just the number of items. Each of those items is then price compared online and discounted 5-10% from Amazon or Ebay prices.

“We try to beat the lower prices online,” said Nathan, “It takes a lot to beat Amazon prices, but we try to do that.”

Nathan said they have tried to cut back their online sales and focus on the store front. He hopes to eventually phase out online sales.

Currently the store features a large selection of furniture and bedding that are on sale for 10% off. Other items on display include: pet supplies, household items, jewelry, clothes, shoes, electronics, outdoor equipment, chest freezers, and dorm refrigerators.

Upscale Overstock is open Tuesday through Friday noon to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to noon. Sometimes the store is open later on Saturdays if shoppers are still browsing. Nathan said the hours will be adjusted if traffic picks up.

You can reach the Hopfs at 647-1309 or find Upscale Overstock on Facebook.

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