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Lennox pool will not open this season

At a special city council meeting held tonight (May 25), Lennox council voted to not open the pool this summer.

A Facebook post from the City of Lennox stated:

The City of Lennox regrets to inform the residents that the Lennox swimming pool will not be open this year. Testing was conducted to determine the condition of the soil underneath the pool and the soil make-up, along with the freeze/thaw cycle has caused the concrete to deteriorate, shift and crack. RISE Structural Engineering's Opinion is that "any concrete rehabilitation work is not justified or recommend without addressing the cause of the distress which is the underlying clay soils. Distress (cracking) will likely continue under the present soil conditions."

This decision was made with the utmost respect for the residents of the City of Lennox as well as the employees hired for the summer. Safety for the patron and staff is of the utmost importance.

All swimming lesson and summer pass fees will be refunded.

Watch next week's newspaper for details.

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