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Keeping the faith: Local cowboy shows his true grit

The 11th annual “Keeping the Faith/True Grit” Award honoring the memory of Shane Drury, a professional PRCA bull rider, was presented to Rodney Hammerstrom on Jan. 28, 2017 at the PRCA Rodeo in Rapid City.

Many in the community may remember reading about Rodney when he was a senior at Lennox High School, in 2003. He was involved in a horse accident that caused a traumatic brain injury. Since that day, Rodney has showed tremendous determination to overcome that life-changing experience and has lived out his faith in a way that inspires many. That story is why Rodney was chosen as the Keeping the Faith/True Grit Award recipient.

Jesse Drury shared the story of his brother, Shane Drury, whose memory is honored with the Keeping the Faith/True Grit Award.

Each year the winner of this prestigious honor is given a bronze statue of Shane riding the bull 409 Orleans at the PRCA rodeo in Greeley, CO. The bronze is sponsored by Standard Metal Works, Grant Standard, Paul Larson of PL Carpentry, Jesse Drury of Road Runner, Inc., Mavis Madison who sculpted the bronze and the UCRA (Use’ta Could Rodeo Association). UCRA is a group of retired rodeo cowboys who get together every year for a fishing tournament and auction items to raise money for this award, as well as the Shane Drury Nothin’ But Try Scholarship Fund.

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