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Worthing commissioners hear from possible apartment builder

The Worthing City Commission held a joint meeting with the planning and zoning commission March 20.

During the meeting, Craig Heien addressed the group about possibly building four four-plexes on the property south of the school. While he has not purchased the land, he wanted to get a feel from the commissions about their openness to that type of property being built there and the city’s willingness to extend water and sewer there.

Jon Fischer with Stockwell Engineers noted that water main is already there. The sewer would need to be extended from Third to Fourth Street along Cedar.

Fischer presented a cost estimate for sanitary sewer improvements along Cedar Street from Third Street to Fourth Street. He estimated the project to cost $60,072.95. He expects it to cost less than that but did not want to come in too low.

At 7:30 p.m. the commission met as a board of equalization at 7:30 p.m. They reviewed the appeal from Loren Schlimgen for his property on Beck Street. The board approved the assessor’s recommendation to reduce the assessment from $149,708 to $141,567. They also moved to add parcel to the tax rolls for the city. The property is on the west end of town and should have been on the city’s rolls a long time ago.

After the equalization hearing, Fischer talked about the bridge at the rec trail that the city has closed due to safety risks. The council wants the bridge to be replaced as soon as possible. Stockwell Engineers will work on a design. Commissioner Eric Bunkers noted that he preferred a steel bridge over a wood one.

Since the bridge has not been replaced yet, the commission decided to withdraw its grant application for phase 2 of the rec trail at this time.

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