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Sales tax reports show big growth in Lennox

The City of Lennox held their regular monthly meeting Monday evening. The agenda was approved and the council got right down to business.

The consent agenda was approved with three items: February minutes, February payroll and Resolution 2017-02-27-02 Amendment to the Fees Resolution 2016-11-14-02.

This resolution is adjusting fees as set forth in resolution 2016-11-14-02 which adjusts the late fee for utility bills to $25, changes sewer rate to residential base fee to $25.50, surcharge $14.50 for a total of $40; commercial base fee $25.50 plus 4 cents per cubic foot over 500 cubic feet of water used and surcharge of $14.50 for a total of $40 plus additional fee for water used over 500 cubic feet and garbage haulers license to $250 per year. It also adds the all fees are non-refundable statement and are effective immediately.

Claims were approved as presented with no discussion.

Under reports, City Administrator Admanda Anglin told council members about the online billing system that she is working to set-up. The system will offer customers the option to pay online and also to set up automatic payments for utilities. Her target date for implementation is for bills due in May. Anglin added that eventually she would like to see Park and Rec move to this system as well.

Anglin participated in a presentation from a company called BoardDocs. She described it as a paperless option for information that is sent to the council before every meeting. Canton uses the software. The web-based document storage would be a way to organize documents and reference material for every meeting, as well as providing a searchable and publicly accessible format. Certain things could be excluded from public access, if needed for an executive session reference for example. Anglin said the cost for the service was $1,000 for set up and a half day of training with the annual cost being $3,000. Council members expressed interest and the item was to be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

Finance Officer Jerry Jones provided the council with a detailed budget summary. He said, “ We are setting good.”

He recommended the council look it over and come back with questions.

Jones reported the Ambulance had a busy February month with 25 calls.

Anglin and Jones went over the February Sales Tax reports, and noted a large increase. (WAITING FOR NUMBER confirmation)

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