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Documenting history…Chancellor Museum seeks items for display

Growing up knowing your neighbors, walking to the businesses on Main Street, that feeling you get when you remember your hometown — hometown pride. That is something that the community of Chancellor is trying to capture. The Chancellor Community Museum has been in progress for the past several years, beginning with the building, located adjacent to the Chancellor Fire Station, and now officially recognized by the city and registered with the state. The museum is slowly gathering items for display, and wants to reach out to the community and surrounding area in order to find more. Members of the museum committee (Barb Jongeling-President, Mark Neeman-Vice President, and Dan Severson-Secretary) said they welcome community members to help. The three try to meet at the museum every other Thursday and volunteers are welcome for any amount of time they can spare.

Currently the museum is home to all of the memorabilia from the old Chancellor High School, including all of the senior pictures and trophies, restored by the Chancellor All Class Alumni, an old marching band uniform and the bell from the Chancellor High School. There is also a 1905 fire engine that is still functional, Severson said that it is the only one still owned by municipality.

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