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Lennox Council gets first look at Countryside addition plans

The Lennox City Council got a first look at the preliminary plans for the Countryside Addition. Mayor Orville Wiebers opened the public hearing for the property owned by the Loren Brass and Roy Poppenga families, north of Lennox. Mitch Mergen, of Stockwell Engineers presented the preliminary subdivision plan. Stockwell Engineers is the City’s engineering firm as well as the property owners. The preliminary plan was recently approved at planning and zoning, Mergen pointed out the items on the plan, citing space for commercial development, multi-family units, and single family lots; the plan includes 129 residential lots. The plan outlined streets, walkways and greenspace.

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Mergen said that preliminary plans meet the standards set forth by the council. He also stressed the that these were preliminary plans, “The goal of the preliminary plan is to layout the goals, these plans can change over time.”

He added that if a different property owner comes and wants to change it that could happen.

The Dave Strasser family, adjacent property owner, was there to speak under public comment. Nathan Strasser mentioned items of concern such as drainage, concern about the road going through and the question of condemnation.

He said, “Would you like to have a commercial or multi family unit set up in your backyards?”

He suggested the development would devalue their property.

Property owner Brass said that they were using the talents of Stockwell Engineering, “It’s pretty typical in a development of this sort.”

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