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We’ve moved: Two long-time businesses move to Highway 17

The city of Lennox has had an outstanding year for growth in 2016. According to the building permit numbers for 2016 the commercial construction values came in at $3,820,900, compare that to 2015’s total commercial construction value of $757,458, and one can see what a big year it has been.

One of the largest projects is the Sunshine Foods Shopping Center. Sunshine Foods will open at this new location on Highway 17 and Boynton on January 5, 2017. The local grocery store finished the move from their long-time Main Street location over the first few days of the New Year, packing up the old and organizing the new store. Customers will find a larger selection of produce and grocery items, plus an expanded liquor area and walk-in beer cooler.

Todd Shuman, Sunshine Foods Lennox Store Manager and Partner, said this is the biggest shopping experience to happen in Lennox. Shuman is excited to get the store open.

He said, “We have a ton more grocery, a ton more frozen, and everything is new—the shelves, the coolers.”

The store seems huge when one walks in the automatic doors. Well lit and well organized aisles are filled with a large selection of items. Inside and to the right will be Lewis pharmacy.

Lewis Family Drug is also making the move from Main Street to the Sunshine Foods’ new shopping center, but will be delayed. Over-the-counter products will be available at Sunshine now, but the pharmacy will open at the new location at a later date due to construction delays. The Main Street Lewis pharmacy will remain open until the move.

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