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School Board sorts out Lennox/Tea debt

Lennox School Board of Education met on Monday evening, opening with reports from the administration.

Worthing Principal Kym Johnston reported visiting with potential teaching candidates at a recent job fair. She also reported that Worthing 1st graders will be part of a pilot program for the MAP test; the students in Worthing will be going caroling soon; and finally, that she is looking for members for a science curriculum adoption committee.

Lennox Principal Darin Eich reported that $190 was raised for PACE and $110 for student council with their staff beard contest in November.

Students Services Director Laura Olson reported that they are serving 166 students this year.

She reported that vision tests were added to the preschool screening this year. Three hundred and forty nine children went through the vision test and 27 of those were referred to eye doctors.

Olson also reported that Kari Oyen has received her doctorate’s degree.

Junior High and High School Principal Chad Allison reported that they have been working with new learning management systems that will be better for teachers, students and parents.

Russ Nelson, Transportation Director, reported on the state of vehicles in the district. He commented that some of the vehicles were reaching an age where they should be replaced. He also gave a report on propane buses. Propane buses would require less maintenance and, at the current rates of fuel and propane, would be less expensive to run than diesel. They would also be better for the environment. Nelson believes that with increased EPA requirements, propane buses may be the way to go.

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