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Plan for pool project continues in Lennox

Last week it was reported the Lennox City Council will pay the judgment for the old football field property; the City of Lennox will end up paying a total of approximately $700,000. Of that, $240,000 was taken from the pool reserves fund, which leaves the question, where do things stand with the pool project?

Monday morning, Lennox City Finance Officer Jerry Jones took time to answer some questions about the issue.

A pool committee meeting was held last Wednesday, at which time Stockwell Engineers presented the committee with several pool plans, ranging from $2 million to $2.9 million.

Jones said that the $2.9 million pool plan was the one the community needed, although the price included no amenities, it was plumbed to add those in.

Jones said that right now they are working towards a preliminary plan to present to the public and then will put the finances together.

He said, “It was unfortunate we took the reserves from the pool project. I don’t want to throw doom and gloom on the project, but it will be pushed back a couple of years, maybe three.”

Jones added that the pool project is a five year plan and, “we’re in year one.”

Jones is in his third year with the City of Lennox.

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