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Strong voter turn-out in Lincoln County

Republicans dominate South Dakota races

Voter turnout was strong in Lincoln County with 74.55%. Worthing and Lynn Township had a voter turn-out of 72.21%. The City of Lennox was just under that with a voter turn-out of 71.9% The City of Tea was less, with a voter turn-out of 70.32%.

District 6, which is made up of Harrisburg, Lennox, a portion of Sioux Falls and Tea, will be represented by Tea residents once again, with incumbents Herman Otten and Isaac Latterell winning the election for State Representatives in District 6 and Ernie Otten winning for State Senator in District 6.

District 16, which includes Worthing, will be represented again by republicans Jim Bolin in the State Senate and David Anderson and Kevin Jenson as State Representatives in District 16. In fact all of the South Dakota state-wide races went to republicans. According to the South Dakota Secretary of State website, the unofficial election results for Lincoln County are as follows (Click here for details):

State Senator District 6:

*Ernie Otten (7,697) Kyle C. Boese (3,482) State Rep. District 6 *Isaac Latterell (6,274) *Herman Otten (6,873) Kyle Rogers (2,774) Clara Hart (3,452)

State Senator District 16 *Jim Bolin (8,272) Chad Skiles (3,122)

State Rep. District 16 *David L. Anderson (6,619) *Kevin D. Jensen (5,971) Ted Curry (2,895) Ann Tornberg (4,489)

Lincoln County Commissioner District #2

*David Gillespie (2,744) Larry T. Thompson (1,347) Presidential Electors *Donald J. Trump (227,701) Gary Johnson (20,845) Hillary Clinton (117,442) Darrell L. Castle (4,059) United State Senator *John R. Thune (265,494) Jay Williams (104,125) United State Representative *Kristi Noem (237,141) Paula Hawks (132,792) Public Utilities Commissioner *Chris Nelson (268,927) Henry Red Cloud (87,841)

Check next week's paper (Nov. 17) for full story.

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