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Poppenga publishes children’s book

Creativity is a way of life for some people. There is just a natural ability to write, paint, create — this seems evident when visiting with Lennox resident, Carol Poppenga.

Poppenga, originally from Luverne, MN, moved to Lennox about twenty five years ago when she married Willie Poppenga. The couple will celebrate their 25th anniversary this month, as well as their 80th birthdays this year.

Another accomplishment Poppenga can add this year is becoming a published author. She recently published the book, “Andrew in the Land of Legs,” illustrated by her daughter, Trudy Tollefson.

The story was inspired by her grandson, Andrew, when he was three years old.

She recalled, “He was sitting on the floor eating chips and his folks, and aunts and uncles were all around him, and I thought, ‘Andrew in the land of legs’.”

She wrote the story after that captivating moment. Andrew is now 21 years old; he is Tollefson’s youngest boy. And although Poppenga thought about the possibility of publishing a book, she attributes it all to her daughter.

She said, “I wouldn’t have gotten going without Trudy; she was the instigator.”

The finished product is a heart-warming and fun-loving look at life through the eyes of three year old Andrew. Her book is currently available in paperback on for $7.99, and she has a few signed copies available as well.

Although this is Poppenga’s first published work, it is by far not her only story. She started the tradition of making blankets for her grandkids, great grandkids and great-great grandkids, and with each blanket has written a story for the child. She said not all of the kids have gotten one, but for the majority she has created these keepsakes — it’s quite a task when the number reaches 46.

Poppenga said she has enjoyed writing for many years, her oldest grandson was born in 1971. Every story revolves around the fabric chosen for the blanket and the child the blanket is for.

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