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Sharing her talent: Local woman puts talent to work to raise funds for campus ministry

“I didn’t know what I was volunteering for, “ Rhoda Strasser explained when she recalled volunteering in June at the Lennox Ebenezer Presbyterian Church. That was following Pastor Ethan Sayler’s sermon on the Parable of Talent (Matthew 25:14-27). The group of volunteers were soon to learn that they had $100 to invest in their talent, and they were instructed to report back to the congregation on how their seed money grew.

Strasser’s inspiration came; she used her $100 to create beautiful note cards using her original paintings as the artwork. Strasser began painting about five years ago, and the notecard project was a perfect fit. She said, “I’m thankful for the talent the Lord has given me and I enjoy sharing it with others.”

The money she raises from selling the cards will be going to Brandon and Erin Haan with the Reformed University Fellowship. The Haan’s ministry at the University of Minnesota is something Strasser is excited to support, as Haan is from this area. She said, “This money is going towards his work, and maybe buy a pizza or two for the college kids!”

At left Strasser is holding the notecards titled: “Spring in Bloom”, “Inspiring Memories” and “FlutterBy”.

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