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Hard Surface Road project completed at Lennox Cemetery

The Lennox Cemetery Association has been working on the Hard Surface Road project since 2008. Their goal was to hard surface all of the gravel roads and to raise money for the typical maintenance expenses of the cemetery, such as mowing, spraying and insurance.

Elaine Anderson, secretary and treasurer of the Lennox Cemetery Association said the Hard Surface Road project just finished up last week. She said the south road will not be hard surfaced because it is still in use by tractors.

Anderson said that it was through donations from many people that the project was able to be completed this year. A substantial donation received this summer from the trustee for the Bernard and Ruth Jacobs trust put them over the top. Bernard left South Dakota when he was five years of age and moved to MN, but he remembered the Lennox Cemetery where his father was buried. His father had died when Bernard was five years of age.

Anderson wishes to express her thanks to all of those who helped to move this project forward and for the continued help of maintaining the Lennox Cemetery. The Cemetery is located on 465th Ave., south of Hwy. 44.

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