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Conaway ready for new school year

Teachers, administrators and support staff in the Lennox School District are busy readying for the upcoming school year, which begins in only 20 days. New superintendent, Chad Conaway, has been on the job just over a month now and said from his initial observances, “We have an excellent administrative team, and a fantastic teaching and support staff as well.”

Conaway comes to the Lennox School District from Centerville, where he served as K-12 principal and superintendent.

He and his wife, Jessyca, and their two year old daughter, Mia will be moving to a home in Worthing later this month. New to the communities that the Lennox School District serves, Conaway said he has spent his first month on the job trying to meet people and understand the dynamics of the school and communities.

He said, “From all the data I have, we do a pretty good job of educating our kids; but there’s always room for growth.”

Conaway said he has been impressed with the caliber of people he’s met, their friendliness and openness.

Conaway was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa and attended the University of South Dakota for elementary education. His first job was as a kindergarten teacher in Alcester-Hudson. He said he then went on to get his Masters in Administration, and currently is working on his doctorate.

He speaks passionately about education and the priorities that he feels are of importance. He said, “Number one, I want every student to feel safe and welcome.”

Conaway said this is a critical part of a student’s success. He said, “We want to provide a top-notch environment for them to learn in.”

Secondly, he stated that he wants students’ education to be practical and applicable. He said, “I want them to leave high school to attend college or join the workforce. We want them to be successful after their K-12 experience, to give opportunities, real life experiences and meet high expectations.”

One program Conaway supports is Junior Achievement, which is already active in the Lennox School District. He said, “I really believe in those classes that supplement what we offer. It gives a glimpse of what lies ahead of them.”

The third priority Conaway mentioned was the continued support of the district’s staff in the classroom. He said, “…with good professional development that helps them learn their craft and helps support the goals we have as a district.”

Conaway also cited his desire to see an increase in student achievement and opportunity courses, He said that career and technical courses can bridge a gap between academic and real work. He said, “I’d like to expand opportunities in the wide range of demographics that exist.”

Conaway’s office is in the administrative and Lennox Elementary building located at 305 West Fifth Ave., Lennox. Construction work on the parking lot/sidewalk project has been ongoing in that area since the beginning of summer.

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