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Lincoln County 4-H’ers gear up for big week

Summertime means fairs, fun and 4-H! Next week is a big week for Lincoln County 4-H’ers, with Achievement Days being held at the 4-H Grounds in Canton July 25-28, 2016.

For some, this week is a time to show off the projects that they have been working on all year. One local family knows all about the preparation time it takes to get ready for Achievement Days, Brian and Shellene Smidt’s children, of Lennox, have been involved in 4-H for the past four years. All seven of their children are contributing something for the event. They are members of the Blue Ribbon Seekers Club. Cadin (age 14) Reese (13), Isaiah (18) and Sierra (10) all took a few minutes last week to share some of the highlights. Their siblings, Ryan (14), Austin (17) and Bobby (16) are also involved in 4-H.

Shellene said, “They’ve all had fun with it.”

She points out the big 4-H Club planter that the family will bring over for Achievement Days, just one of the big wood projects they’ve completed. There is also a large bench and some horses they will be loading up next Monday. Shellene says with a laugh, “We’ll need a trailer to haul everything over.”

For Isaiah, wood projects are his favorite, the wooden cross he made he is especially proud of. Reese says her favorite project was the candle in the shape of a bottle. She explained it was made by melting the wax, using a crayon for the color, adding scent and pouring into a plastic bottle for the mold.

For Sierra, the mosaic picture frame with the word “family” at the top is her favorite piece. And for Cadin, his etching is his top choice.

Shellene said the family has been working on projects throughout the year for this event. They will check-in on Monday with their projects and every club is scheduled to work the concession stand.

Blue Ribbon Seekers will also be selling sweet corn this summer for the S.O.S. project. Shellene said this project helps to provide school supplies for students. She said the sweet corn should be ready the end of July or first part of August and they will most likely be selling the sweet corn on Main Street by the Dollar General.

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