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Upscale Overstock to open on Lennox Main Street

Have you ever wished you could buy a pair of Converse sneakers in Lennox? Or maybe need some new furniture? How about a bicycle? Now all of these items and more are available at the newest Lennox Main Street business, Upscale Overstock.

Owners, Nathan and Elizabeth Hopf have been hard at work readying the former Lennox Show Print building, located at 114 S. Main St. for their grand opening, which is planned for Sept. 10th.

The couple has lived in Lennox for 12 years and is looking forward to this new venture.

“We started buying antiques because I enjoyed it. That grew to buying and selling on eBay about ten years ago. That expanded into buying abandoned storage units,” Nathan explained.

He said the popularity of the TV shows about storage unit buyers made that option not as profitable; the couple decided to try something different.

“We took the next step of looking for a building and we ended up here. We buy surplus truckloads from high end retail stores,” Nathan continued.

Along with their store front, Upscale Overstock will continue to sell their merchandise on eBay, Amazon and a new website that will be coming soon.

Elizabeth plans to work at the store full time; she says their regular hours will be 12-6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturdays.

The fun thing about the store is the changing merchandise. Elizabeth said, “Each load is completely different.”

Right now some of the items the couple lists in stock are furniture, household items, jewelry, clothes, shoes, electronics, bedding, outdoor equipment, chest freezers, and dorm refrigerators.

Elizabeth said, “Everything is up to 60% off of retail.”

“All the items are new,” Nathan added.

Some of the truckloads include merchandise with damage boxes. Nathan said typically the product itself has little or no damage. He said they test every product before it’s put on their shelves.

Although Nathan said they have gotten out of the antique market because of the decline in sales, those with Lennox connections will still see some historical items, such as the Art B. Thomas carnival posters.

“We enjoy doing this online, and we wanted to continue with the store front — it broadens our customer base,” Nathan said.

The couple hopes to bring items that are different from the other stores in town. Nathan said, “The biggest goal for us and our customers is to purchase retail items at a discount.”

Nathan and Elizabeth don’t just try to fill the shelves either. He said, “We buy higher end stuff, we don’t buy damaged products. It’s quality over quantity.”

Although their regular hours won’t start until Sept. 10th, the couple will be open while they finish the set-up of the store and encourage patrons to stop in anytime they see the open light on; appointments can be made by calling 647-1309. Upscale Overstock can also be found on Facebook. They will be doing a Facebook give-away that people can sign-up for online.

Nathan and Elizabeth have three children, Dustin, Jordan and Jayden.

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