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Museum building open to all

New ramp built by local Eagle Scout

There will be a special ribbon cutting ceremony at the Lennox Area Museum on Tuesday, May 10th that some people will be able to attend for the first time, thanks in large part to one local high school senior, Ben Lund.

Lund finished his Eagle Scout project just this year, which was a handicap accessible ramp at the back entrance of the local Museum.

Lund said his project started on Dec. 14th and had to be completed by his 18th birthday, which was Dec. 29. He was able to complete the cedar ramp on deadline and is proud to have citizens make use of it at this special event.

Lund said he has been involved in the Scouting program in Lennox for a long time, he is a part of Troop 109. To become an Eagle Scout is not an easy task, one must earn 21 merit badges, serve as a leader in their troop and complete a major community service project.

This community project was a suggestion that someone from the Historical Society brought up, said Lund. He was able to design the ramp and then his ideas went to an architect. Lund said that with ADA rules he was cognisant of what needed to be done, such as the maximum slope per inch. Part of the Eagle Scout project includes teaching others how to help; so he enlisted the expertise of his dad, Dick, who does construction, and Brian Kruid, another adult involved in Scouts; as well as several other boys from the Troop.

During the few weeks in December they had to complete the project, they worked hard. Lund said his dad was able to supply the tools. Funding was provided by Richard Schriever, Margaret Charleton and City of Lennox money that was a part of the 2015 budget for building and grounds maintenance for the museum.

Lund is excited to see the ramp being used for the first time.

“I’m doing my Senior thesis on helping the disabled. Nineteen percent of our population is handicapped, that’s one in five people. We don’t realize the everyday barriers, like a stair or steep ramp. We don’t realize how easy it is for us.”

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