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Drew DeNeui hired as new mechanic at Scott’s Automotive

Scott’s Automotive has been open for a year and a half now, and in that time, owner Scott Timmerman has kept busy. Recently he hired a mechanic to assist at the shop. Drew DeNeui, a 1999 Lennox High School graduate made his way back home and joined Timmerman at the first of the year.

DeNeui (pictured at left) said his start in the automotive industry began when he was just a kid. He fondly remembered growing up around his grandpa’s farm and fixing things there. When he attended LHS he was in the automotive program. After high school graduation, DeNeui said he started out pursuing a business degree. He said, “It wasn’t me, so I moved to Denver to attend automotive school. I wanted to work with my hands.”

DeNeui completed his degree and enjoyed his time in Denver skiing and hiking. A knee injury that required surgery brought a brief hiatus to his work and play. During his recuperation he worked with his dad, Bruce DeNeui, back home.

DeNeui said, “I was looking for a job when Scott needed help. Life kicks you down and picks you back up.”

DeNeui enjoys work in Lennox he says it’s quite different from the Denver metro area. He said, “It’s great to have people stop in. People are more patient here.”

The mechanical part of DeNeui’s job isn’t the only aspect he enjoys. He said, “I like the problem solving of the job, and helping people out in a pinch. You can really change somebody’s day.”

In his down time DeNeui enjoys bike riding, pheasant hunting and gardening. He added, “Watching the Broncos go to the Super Bowl is my Sunday past-time.”

Scott’s Automotive is located at 221 S. Main St., Lennox. To make an appointment, call 647-2473.

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