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Lennox Commercial Club establishes scholarship account

Monday night, local business members of the Lennox Commercial Club met for their regular monthly meeting. As is customary at this first meting of the year, the Club elected officers. Officers of the board now include: past-president Eric Machmuller, president Gail Benning, president elect Mitch Jensen, and board members Randy Dump, Sharon Bruns and Chris Berg.

Benning, owner of Studio G in Lennox said, “I am excited about being president of the Commercial Club this year and am looking forward to working with everyone on the committee.”

Benning added, “I can’t wait to hear everyone’s new ideas of what we can work on in the present and future of the Commercial Cub. It’s going to be a great year!”

During the meeting the new Lennox Pizza Ranch owner, Michael Tolliver introduced himself. Tolliver is originally from Lennox and just last week made the purchase of the local business. A story with details will follow next month.

It was noted that the Main Street construction project has been pushed back to 2017, Machmuller pointed out this will make it easier to carry out the Fourth of July festivities as usual.

It was reported that 484 people were served dinner at the recent Santa Night event, 296 children were able to visit with Santa and a record 444 votes were cast for the Christmas Tree walk in which 17 trees were displayed.

Machmuller gave details about the newly formed scholarship committee. The committee consists of Machmuller, Jeff Elhoff, and Chris Berg with Kirk Easton serving as a representative from the school. Machmuller said the board has approved a one page application. The Club will be awarding two $500 scholarships to local high school seniors during the second semester of their freshman college year. The decision will be based mainly on the essay questions on the application. Machmuller said the application has been given to the Lennox High School guidance counselor.

It was voted to create a separate account for the scholarship money. Wayne Peterson noted it would be nice to grow that account with help from community members and at some point even more scholarships could be given.

It was noted that the donation money for the Lennox Park and Rec was distributed, a check in the amount of $6,553.41 was given to the Pool Fund. This was money raised at the Lennox Commercial Club sponsored street dance held on July 3. The Club will again be sponsoring a Street Dance this year on July 2nd with Judd Hoos secured as the main act.


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