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Special meeting Thursday to discuss details regarding Central Basin Project

As Lennox City Council opened their meeting on Monday night, Jon Brown, owner of Stockwell Engineers, spoke to the council regarding the Central Basin Project. He asked for a special meeting on Thursday night to get into details regarding the project.

“I know there were a lot of issues with contractors, residents,” said Brown. “We want to make sure we are addressing this in a team fashion before spring, because [with the spring thaw] you know it’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

The council agreed to meet Thursday night at 7 p.m.

Brown also wanted to have a public meeting in the future so the residents would also understand the plan moving forward.

Brown then offered the firm’s help with the waste water treatment plant if the City needed it with Greg Stack leaving the City’s employment.

Under the Finance Officer report, Jerry Jones asked the council to select a meeting date to meet with more engineers regarding the swimming pool project. The Park and Rec Advisory Board will also be at the meeting. That meeting was set for Jan. 20 at 7 p.m.

Jones also reported on a DOT transportation study that offered an 80/20 grant to study street infrastructure.

“I don’t know how much Stockwell has already done for us, do we even need that study,” he asked.

Brown said that he would take a look at the DOT study and come back to the council with a recommendation.

As he concluded his report, Jones said the auditor needed more information to complete the 2014 audit, but the council should have the final copy by the next regular meeting.

With no public works director, Councilman Mike Gregg, recommended that the council start giving regular committee reports again. The council approved the motion.

Gregg reported for the street /water/sewer committee saying that the street department was busy plowing snow. On the water sewer side, he reported that the sewer plant needed a lot of maintenance work. Jeremy Gulbranson, the Water and Sewer Superintendent, has been working to get all of the pumps repaired and running and doing other maintenance.

Mayor Orville Wiebers added that the State has determined that Gulbranson can take the Class 3 Operator Certification exam to become qualified to run the waste water plant.

Stockwell Engineer Brown said that waste water plants require constant maintenance. And again added that they could assist with the plant.

For the park committee, Wiebers reported that he would like to begin advertising for pool manager guards and coaches for the summer. He also said he has been meeting with the advisory board regarding phase I of the park and the new pool.

Brown added that they have been working with Associated Pool Builders, and asked if the reason for interviewing more engineers was an attempt to look for lower costs.

He reminded the council that the Park Master Plan was a concept plan only and could be changed or brought down in multiple ways. If they know how much the City has to spend, they could design a plan accordingly.

Following the committee reports, the council took care of the following business:

• The first reading was held for Supplemental Appropriation Ordinance $566 that transferred the balance of the accounts listed from the 2015 budget to supplement the 2016 budget. Jones explained that it was rather lengthy this year because there were a lot of amounts for the Central Basis Project.

• The 2016 Payroll Salary resolution was approved.

• The 2016 election date of April 12 was approved.

The council then went into executive session for personnel issues.


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