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Steever Richter Roesler Benefit planned for September 19

It seemed like it would never happen. Lennox — a typical picture of small town America — where we let our children ride bikes to the park to play, where we sometimes forget to lock our cars. It seemed like it could never happen, but it did.

On February 12, 2015 the picture of small town America was shattered. At a local business, Jon Richter lost his life while Brian Roesler fought an intruder and Kathy Steever fought for her life. On this day, the families of Jon Richter, Kathy Steever, and Brian Roesler were forever changed; so were the lives of people in the community.

In a desire to bring the community together after this tragic event, Chancellor Reformed Church began planning a community event, the Steever~Richter ~Roesler Benefit. A date was chosen and a plan was put into action. Seven months of planning have led to an event that will take place on Saturday.

On Sept. 19, the Steever~ Richter~Roesler Benefit will be held at the Turner County Fairgrounds in Parker, SD.

“Our desire was to show these families that we support them, that we will continue to support them, but most of all, that we have not forgotten”, said one of the coordinators.

“These families have been faced with physical, emotional, and financial challenges, and, while we can never give them everything they need, we wanted to try and make a difference. As a community we are making a difference; we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity by the community. We appreciate your support.”

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