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Lennox City Council held a special meeting on Monday, Aug. 24.

Greg Stack said that the rain put the construction projects behind a bit. They also had some utility issues with a water line.

The second reading and adoption was held for Ordinance 559, amending the subdivision ordinance. This ordinance was the dedication of land for public use—streets, roads and alleys, parks and public grounds, including infrastructure. The ordinance gave public entities and utilities rights regarding constructing and maintaining the systems without having to go through any due process.

The next item on the agenda was the permit for Sunnyside Mobile Home Park. The council did not grant the permit previously because of code violations, mainly with a mobile home that was in complete disrepair. Owner of the park, Rob Huber explained that his attorney has been handling the situation for him, but it was not an easy process to gain the title for the mobile home.

The council had little sympathy, saying that they had extended the time to deal with the situation before and the mobile home was a public hazard. Huber assured them that he could deal with it by the end of September.

There was also an issue of an open garbage trailer in the mobile home park that the council wanted taken care of immediately. Huber told the council he was just made aware of the problem and would take care of that with a closed dumpster.

The council tabled action on the permit.

Huber told the council that he was thinking about other building options for the land, perhaps apartments or big-boy-toy storage units. Various concerns about the street on that property were brought up by Councilman Marlyn Jacobson.

“That’s down the road,” Huber said of the building plans. “Things I am just thinking about.”

The council then considered a DOT (Department of Transportation) permit that would allow detour of east/west traffic to Main St. and Oriole Ave. during the Highway 17 construction next year when the intersection of Highways 17 and 44 was closed. Jacobson expressed concerns about what roads the north and south traffic would be using during the construction. The council tabled action on the agreement until they could get more information.

The next item on the agenda was the swimming pool.

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