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Dollar General plans store in Lennox

Colby Capital, LLC plans to develop a Dollar General Store in Lennox, South Dakota. The Kansas City-based real estate company purchased land at the corner of Main Street and 11th Avenue. Construction on the 9,000 square foot Dollar General will commence after Labor Day and the store will open approximately January 31, 2016.

Dollar General was founded by J.L. and Cal Turner, Sr. in 1939 as J.L. Turner and Son Wholesale. In 1977, Cal Turner, Jr. assumed the role of President/CEO of the company founded by his grandfather and father. J.L. and Cal Sr. pioneered the dollar-store concept in 1955 when they opened the first Dollar General store in Springfield, Kentucky. Since then, the leading small box discounter has expanded to over 11,700 stores in the United States.

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