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A look back in time… Historical Society presents Historical Home Tour

Dr. Janell Beck, a local dentist and a member of the Lennox Area Historical Society, began thinking about a project involving the historical homes in Lennox over four years ago. She envisioned a brochure that would highlight the historical homes and encourage people to enjoy the history of the community. With the Historical Society celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Museum building this year, it gave Beck the spark she needed to complete the project.

She enlisted the help of local people to give her information about the homes and Pam van Middendorp to help identify the architecture. Local artist Randy Williamson designed and printed the brochure. You can pick one up at local businesses, free of charge.

The brochure lists pictures and information about 40 historical homes located throughout Lennox. They were built between 1880 and 1925. The tour is meant to be a driving or walking tour to look at the architecture of the historical homes and read a little about the history of each home. The Lennox Independent will publish a series featuring one of two of the homes each week, with the first installment to begin next week.

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