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Machel McVey named Teacher of the Year

At the end of the school year staff appreciation lunch last Friday, Lennox School District Superintendent Kirk Easton named Machel McVey as the school district’s Teacher of the Year.

McVey teaches third grade in Lennox Elementary.

“We had four wonderful candidates this year,” said Easton.

The other candidates for Teacher of the Year included: Mike Oltmanns, Cheryl Jacobson and Matt Luze. Eastman said all four candidates received “outstanding nominations” from their peers. A committee of seven, including a representative from each community, made the final determination to name McVey. As the 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year, she was awarded a $500 check from Sanford and a $250 certificate from School Speciality (matched by the district) to buy something for her classroom.

Easton and the other administrators also recognized staff that has served the Lennox School District for a specific number of years.

10 years of service: Angela Arlt, Stacy Larson, Katie Letsche-Hansen, Robin Luther, and Angela Zirpel

15 years of service: Krista Bruggeman, Kym Johnston and Dawn Timmerman

20 years of service: Julie Heppler

25 years of service: Carol Ziegler

30 years of service: Cheryl Jacobson, Joy Lang, Marlene Raabe and Janell Zahn

35 years of service: Ann Brown and Barb Schroder

There is quite a large number of staff that will be retiring this year. They were also recognized with special gifts.

“It astounds me the number of years some of these folks have been here,” said Easton. “That says a lot about the school district—the school, the parents, the kids and most importantly, the people they are working with.”

Retiring this year: Ann Brown, with 35 years of service; Barb Buse, eight years of service; Gary Healy, 11 years of service; Pat Nelson, 37 years of service; Joyce Olson, nine years of service; Tim Raabe, 43 years of service; Barb Schroder, 35 years of service, Sandi Smith, 34 years of service; Mary Stack, 36 years of service, Kristi Wallin, 33 years of service and Lori Wollmann, 22 years of service.

“I would like to thank everybody for a great year. I enjoyed it very much and I look forward to next year,” said Easton.

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