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West, Noonan and Jacobson sworn in as new councilmen

Monday night’s Lennox Council meeting began with approval of the minutes, payroll and claims. With no visitors to be heard, Finance Officer Jerry Jones gave his report.

He told councilmen that the cost estimate made by MSH Architects for the fire hall addition had come in considerably over budget. MSH estimated the cost would be between $146,000 and $203,500. Only $82,500 was budgeted for this project. Jones suggested that they look at starting this year and finish with next year’s budget.

Jones also reported that the front office project was nearly complete. An open house will be planned at a later date.

He told the council about a meeting that they had with the railroad regarding railroad crossing improvements. The railroad is willing to go 50/50 with the city on costs, but it is a very expensive project, $1000 per foot.

Stockwell Engineer Mitch Mergen suggested they work on getting the railroad ties replaced as that would be a more reasonable project.

The council talked about removing the spur track, but most of the council wanted it to stay in case it was needed in the future.

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