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Lennox City Council approves purchase of police car; addresses asbestos concern during City Hall rem

The Lennox City Council held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, Feb. 9, 2015. Visitors to address the council included Glenn Nelson. Nelson explained that he recently purchased property from the City by the railroad tracks and was looking for elevations by May 1st.

City of Lennox Public Works Director, Greg Stack asked Nelson to wait to hear from City engineer Mitch Mergen. Stack said in order to get the proper elevations they would need to get the street design.

Mergen spoke later in the meeting about the property. He explained that the City did not have any elevations established at this point, saying it was “conceptual at this time”. Mergen said they would have to have surveyors out and then put together an elevation.

Lennox Mayor Orville Wiebers asked Mergen to come up with a contract on that to get things going.

Another visitor to address the council was Richard Shriever. He inquired as to whose responsibility it was to clear the snow from the easement from 4th Street to the back of the school, Shriever said, “This year the snow has not been removed.”

Wiebers said he would check with Randy regarding the school parking lot.

Schrievers also brought up a concern that on the west side of the church [First English Lutheran Church] the sidewalk is always full of snow.

Stack said there is an ordinance on the books about pushing snow on the street after it’s been cleaned by the city.

Councilmen Mike Gregg was asked to look into the issue.

Finance officer Jerry Jones reported to the council that the city is in “good shape with the budget.”

He gave a brief report on the ambulance. He informed the council a district meeting is to be held in Yankton on April 1.

Jones also updated the council on the current remodel project that is underway at the City Hall. He said, “We did run into some issues that are being taken care of.”

He explained that asbestos was discovered under the wall petitions. Jones estimated the additional cost to be between $900 and $2,200 for inspection. Jones said it was to be removed Tuesday by Gary Snow & Associates, an environmental consulting and contracting firm out of Pierre. Jones said the company had some work in Sioux Falls. The removal cost will be $1,785. Jones said that after removal Doug Meyer Construction will be back at work and the project should be complete on March 9.

Jones stated that petitions for the open council seats need to be turned in on Feb. 27.

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