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Building success: Trademarked wins award at First Lego League tournament

First Lego League team Trademarked (Aidan Sanchez, Gemma Sanchez and Nathan Renz) was awarded the Innovative Solution Award at the First Lego League State Tournament held in Sioux Falls this past weekend.

The Innovative Solution Award recognizes a team’s solution that is exceptionally well-considered and creative, with good potential to solve the problem researched.

The team presented a skit that brought forth the problem—Chemistry is inconsistently labeled in science education—and presented solutions to improve the way kids learn about chemistry.

In an effort to bring more awareness to Chemistry curriculum, the team researched the problem by surveying teachers, conducting interviews and finding articles on the internet.

To help provide solutions, they spoke with Lennox School Superintendent Chad Allison and Curriculum Director Kym Johnston about getting the program “Real Science 4 Kids” on a list of possible science curriculums to choose from when the school begins looking at new science curriculum.

They also contacted the Washington Pavilion, the Outdoor Campus, and the Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove about highlighting classes which show how chemistry is involved in what they do.

The team brainstormed with Amber Lounsbery, head of the Action Arts program at the Washington, to come up with a plan to help teach kids the chemistry behind certain kinds of invisible ink at one of the February classes at the Pavilion.

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