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New finance officer takes over duties in Worthing

Worthing’s new finance officer brings experience to the position.

Ellee Spawn of Sioux Falls started as the city’s finance officer Dec. 15. Prior to that she was working as the office manager of a propane company in Sioux Falls. She said most of the jobs she has had before coming to Worthing are similar to her current position.

She said taking the finance officer position looked like a great opportunity.

“It looked like a great opportunity really to have a position that had more responsibility to it,” Spawn said.

She also looks forward to working with city administrator Amanda Mack, whom she had met earlier this year.

Right now, Spawn is busy learning about the position and receiving training on the new accounting software that was installed last fall. While she has not made any goals yet, she looks forward to sitting down with the mayor and Mack to set priorities for the next year.

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