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Entrepreneurial mom sews her way into business

Danielle Dubbelde lives on a farm a few miles southwest of Lennox. In between running her four children to school and extra curricular activities, as well as caring for the family’s two dogs, three cats and 20 some chickens, she finds time to spin her creativity into wearable works of art.

The young mom recalls taking sewing classes in grade school and decided to put those skills to use this past summer to earn extra money to help pay for all the summer activities her children were involved in. “We’re running around every night, at least five nights a week,” she said. “My husband, Brian, is the owner-operator of a semi truck, so he isn’t usually home except on weekends.”

Danielle’s business, Home Sewn Couture, got started nearly by accident. “I needed a gift for a baby shower and decided to make a 12 Months of Growing onesie set,” she said. “Everybody loved it and wanted to know where to buy them, so I made a few more custom sets, posted some pictures on Facebook, and it just grew from there.” The onesie sets, which feature custom patterns and are labeled for each of baby’s months during their first year, are still one of Danielle’s top sellers.

In addition to her Facebook page, “Home Sewn Couture.”, where eldest daughter Paxton, 8, models many of her mother’s creations, Danielle also maintains an online store front, HomeSewnCouture, at Among the items she’s made so far, which mainly cater to children, there have been many skirts and dresses, baby bedding, crocheted scarves and hats and many custom orders, especially for those 12 Months of Growing sets that initially planted the seed for the business.

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