The Worthing Enterprise —  2006 - 2015

December 2015 marked the final monthly paper for The Worthing Enterprise. The Worthing Enterprise has been a monthly newspaper delivered to Worthing homes since 2006. The monthly paper is published by Independent Publishing LLC, who also publishes The Lennox Independent, which  is the official paper for the City of Worthing, Lincoln County, Lennox School District, and the City of Lennox.


We want to assure you that our staff will continue to provide coverage of the Worthing news — only now it will be published only in The Independent.


What this means to you is that your community news will be available in a more timely fashion.  As your legal newspaper, The Independent carries the legal notices and minutes from the City of Worthing, the School District and Lincoln County. We believe this provides a valuable service to our readers, keeping you informed of local government actions. We would like to encourage you to become a subscriber to The Lennox Independent.  We want to thank our readers for supporting The Worthing Enterprise, as well as our valued advertisers.  We look forward to serving you with even better coverage in The Independent.


Debbie Schmidt and  Kelli Bultena, Publishers


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