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Vandal strikes in Lennox

By Kelli Bultena

In the early morning hours of Sunday, April 12 a 2001 white Ford E-350 was stolen from Albers Painting around 3:11 a.m. Albers Painting is located in the former Pizza Ranch Building in Lennox. Lennox Police Chief Will Ericksen reported Monday that the van had been returned and suspect was under investigation, no name was provided.

Also during the Sunday morning hours several local businesses were vandalized or burglarized. Chief Ericksen reported the vandalism was unrelated to the vehicle theft.

The Lennox Post Office’s front door was broken, as well as the front window of the post office. The suspect gained entry inside.

Valley Exchange Bank in Lennox also had damage sustained to the drive-up window at the back of the bank building, but the suspect was unable to gain access inside.There was a related reported theft from the Lennox Total Stop. There was also vandalism reported in the back of the Only One, with a table flipped over, as well as a freezer.

The suspect also vandalized one of the police vehicles in front of the Lennox Police station, bringing stolen merchandise from one of the businesses and throwing it at the police car.

Chief Ericksen reported that Deontae Birgholtz had been arrested on the following charges: Other County 22-34-1(M1) Second Degree Intentional Damage To Property; Other County 32-4-4 Tampering With A Motor Vehicle; Other County 22-11-6 Obstructing Officer, Jailer, Firefighter; Other County 22-30a-17.3 Petty Theft In The Second Degree--Misdemeanor; Other County 22-34-1(F5) Felony Intentional Damage To Property; Other County 22-32-8 Third Degree Burglary - Enter or remain in building with intent to commit any crime. The suspect is s being detained at the Minnehaha County Jail.

Lennox Police Officer Jesse Thorne was in charge of the investigation.

Chief Ericksen offered his appreciation to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office for their assistance, citing that Sergeant Bartcher was essential to getting the suspect into custody.


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