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School Board members recognized during school Board Recognition week

Tuesday, Feb. 9, the Lennox School District 41-4 Board of Education held their monthly meeting. With school Board Recognition week Feb. 15-19, the meeting began by recognizing the current school board members. Current members and their years of service on the board are as follows: Alan Rops (17), Renae Buehner (9), Heidi Bowers (4), Scott Sandal (4), Melissa Daugherty (2), Clayton Wulf (2) and Yvette Christion (1).

Cards, made by students in the District, were passed around.

In other business, Superintendent Chad Conaway noted that the Lennox Elementary building project is near completion. With the exception of some outside work, the project is finished. On Feb. 22 a walk-through will be completed.

Building principals shared their reports with the board.

Darin Eich, Lennox Elementary and LWC Intermediate Principal, said the students have been doing assessments and the students have performed higher than the national average in all areas and all grade levels.

Kim Poppenga-Smith also noted that Worthing was performing above average as well and both were excited to see the growth in students from fall to winter.

Lennox Junior and Senior High principal, Chad Allison, said that although the Lennox students are higher than the national average, he feels there is still room to improve, questioning whether all students were putting forth their best effort into the testing. Allison also spoke to the board about a unity council that is being formed. He has been working alongside Poppenga-Smith for the past couple of months to turn the idea into a reality. Allison said an email has been sent out to all students with the first meeting scheduled to take place on Feb. 17. It is open to all students and its intent is to take a look at things that can divide students and putting them in a position that they can work together as a team. He will follow up with the board at the next meeting.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the board also approved the immediate resignation of Dianne DeSchepper, food service. Also approved were the resignations, effective at the end of the year, of Joy Lang, elementary music teacher; Stacy Ebmeier, second grade teacher in Worthing; Lauren Welbig, Junior High Language Arts teacher; and Todd Klinger, assistant girls basketball coach. The board approved the resignation of Wendy Kajer, student council advisor, contingent on finding a suitable replacement.

The board approved Shylee Wright’s Title I Aide contract and approved the early retirement request of Joy Lang.

Also approved during Tuesday night’s meeting was the addition of an assistant principal position for the Junior and Senior High. A library aide position and a part time music teacher position were also approved.

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