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New buyer to take possession of Lennox Senior Center property March 1

The City of Lennox has finalized a contract for deed with a new restaurant seeking to locate in Lennox at what is currently the Lennox Senior Center.

After about almost a full year of discussion, the agreement has been finalized with the buyer taking possession on March 1, 2023.

In keeping with state law, the City approved the request to transfer the property to the Lennox Area Development Corporation at their Dec. 27 meeting for the purpose of economic development under SDCL 9-27-36, and as enumerated under SDCL 9-54-1.

“I have spoken with a representative of the Senior Center and informed them that this was on the City Council agenda tonight. I have also spoken with the American Legion, and they are willing to lease out their building to the City for the provision of Senior Services,” said City Administrator Nate Vander Plaats. “Assuming all moves forward smoothly, we will work with the Seniors to transfer City and personal belongings out of the Senior Center by March 1. We will also need to work with the American Legion to install handicap accessible doors, and make some improvements to the pedestrian ramp at 2nd and Main. I will work with them on a formal agreement.”


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