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Lennox Swimming Pool Posts Hours

Lennox Swimming Pool has announced that their hours have changed slightly this year. They are posted on their facebook page and are as follows:

12-5 p.m. open swim

5-6 p.m. closed

6-8 p.m. family swim children under 18 must have an adult

8-9 p.m. Monday-Friday water walking

Totally kids will be at the pool M-F from 12-2 as well.

Some rules they would like everyone to follow: NO outside food or drink allowed. You must show your pool pass each time you enter the pool if you don’t have it you will need to know the number or you may be asked to leave. If your child is not potty trained they MUST wear a swim diaper.

Weather does impact the times the pool is open. This will be up to the managers and will be posted on their facebook page if they need to close.

The local pool will be allowing private parties again this season. These can be before the pool opens on the weekend or in the evenings from 7-9. That means that the pool would close an hour early and there would be no water walking on these days. They will post at the pool and on facebook if they need to close early.


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