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Lennox School District receives 2023 Circle of Excellence Award

The Lennox School District has been selected to receive the Circle of Excellence Award by Cognia, a global non-profit, continuous improvement organization that conducts on-site reviews for regional accreditation of educational institutions and provides resources, tools, and support to education leaders to ensure all learners realize their full potential.

Shannon Vogler, Cognia Regional Director, said “Cognia is a mission driven organization supported by our core values. The Circle of Excellence Award recognizes institutions who systematically and systemically model a commitment to continuous improvement and demonstrate these values through their day-to-day efforts to improve outcomes for their students.”

Through their Cognia Engagement Review (regional accreditation), conducted by an external team, Lennox School District demonstrated their embedded process of continuous improvement, driven by data from various sources which impact student outcomes. These embedded procedures allow the district to measure learning and the effectiveness of instructional investments.

Regional Accreditation Evaluator, Dr. Dan Leikvold stated, “Lennox School District has intentionally nurtured and sustained a healthy culture of learning through its strategic planning process and its support of professional staff. Leaders have implemented strategic planning and school improvement processes that serve as a blueprint of what is expected throughout all buildings.”

Lennox successfully identified areas of achievement and improvement at the highest level in the Key Characteristics: Culture of Learning and Leadership for Learning. The school’s level of quality was also evident as they successfully met 28 of the 30 Performance Standards, with 8 rating at the highest level. This resulted in an Index of Education Quality (IEQ) score of 325, 65 points higher than the national average.

“Lennox School District should be commended for their commitment and dedication to achieve the next level of excellence on behalf of the learners they serve. It is our privilege to honor them with the Circle of Excellence award,” commented Vogler.

Parents and interested community members can learn more about Cognia at


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