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Lennox JH students compete in oral interp

Five Lennox Junior High students have been competing in oral interpretation meets in the past week. 

Last Thursday, the JH/HS in Lennox hosted a tournament and on Saturday, the team went to Brookings for competition, finding success at both events. 

Miranda Millar and Shayla Hall are participating in duo. Keegan Vander Plaats and Isaac Booker are also competing in duo. Isaac Booker and Leo Aesoph are both participating in humorous interp. 

At the Lennox invitational, the duos of Miranda Miller and Shayla Hall and Issac Booker and Keegan Vander Plaats received an Excellent Plus rank in duo. Leo Aesoph also received an Excellent Plus in humorous interp. Isaac Booker received the top mark of Superior Plus in humor. 

Two days later, the group went to Brookings. Everyone received the same marks but showed improvement. The duos and Leo Aesoph in humor received an Excellent Plus and Issac Booker received a Superior Plus with his performance of Dr. Wilderness in humor. 

The season for JH interp is short and they  have already lost an early competition at Mitchell due to weather. 

The last meet of the season is at Harrisburg on April 9. The students have done some great work in a short amount of time. 

“These young students show a lot of talent and they will continue to develop and become a performing force at the high school level,” stated coach Michael Larson.


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