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Lennox Area Community Fund awards $12,300 in grants

Every donation to the Lennox Area Community Fund makes a difference — that is what the LACF committee reminds people as the annual awarding of grants takes place.

Thanks to the generosity of donors this year, the Lennox Area Community Fund (LACF) was able to award $12,300 to area organizations. Grants are awarded annually based on applications submitted by the August 1 deadline.

The organizations receiving a grant in 2020 include the following (followed by the amount of funds): Lennox Area Historical Society ($250), Lennox Area Historical Society ($400), Chancellor Community Fire Dept. ($500), Lennox Fastpitch Softball ($500), City of Worthing ($850), Worthing Fire Department ($1,000), City of Worthing ($400), Lennox Community Library ($2,000), Lennox Area Ambulance Squad ($2,200), Trophy Trotters 4-H Club ($1,000), Lennox Volunteer Fire Dept. ($2,000), Lincoln County Fairgrounds Foundation ($1,200).

Check disbursements have begun and will be showcased in future issues of The Lennox Independent.

The LACF is an endowment fund created to benefit the Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing communities by pooling the generosity of donors to fund grants to charitable and civic causes. The purpose of an endowment fund is to grow the fund so that every year grant money will be made available without touching any of the principal. It is touted as, “a fund for our communities, forever.”

Each year, thousands of dollars flow from the endowment to support the work of organizations in the three communities that make up the Lennox School District. The Lennox Area Community Fund began in 2004.

Donations may be sent to: Lennox Area Community Fund, c/o Valley Exchange, Bank, PO Box 19, Lennox, SD 57039.

The LACF also accepts online donations, a link to a secure donation site can be found at

Gifts may be made in honor or in memory of loved ones. Just send a note with whom you wish to honor and make your check payable to SFACF/LACF. If you wish to make your gift anonymously, please clearly indicate that with your donation.

All contributions to the Lennox Area Community Fund are deductible to the maximum extent allowable.

Individuals may leave a gift to the LACF for the betterment of their community through their will or estate plan thereby ensuring that their charitable vision will endure for years to come. Gifts can be made in the form of cash, stock, real estate, and endowment. Contact Brian Zirpel, treasurer at 605- 647-2228 or email with questions.

Currently serving on the board is Jonathan Hagena, President; Alan Rops, Vice-President; Lisa Westra, Secretary; Zirpel, Treasurer; Other Committee Members include: Don Sweeter, John Steever, Carol Wulf, Pam Elhoff, Robert Beringer, Laurie Shaffer, Tonya Ringen, Lorin Brass and Kelli Bultena.


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