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Lennox Ambulance Service honored with Career EMS Service Award

Sinning receives Lifetime Membership Award

At the end of October, the Lennox Ambulance Service was honored with the prestigious Career EMS Service of the Year Award by the South Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association during their annual Conference. The South Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association Conference is an annual gathering of dedicated professionals in the field of emergency medical services. It serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate outstanding individuals and organizations that go above and beyond in their commitment to saving lives and improving healthcare.

Lennox Ambulance, predominantly staffed by career professionals, was recognized as the Career EMS Service of the Year. The South Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association state, “Their unwavering commitment to patient care and their community is inspiring.”

The Lennox Ambulance Service operates with a dedicated team of both paid professionals and passionate volunteers, all led by the EMS Director, Alan Perry. Through their collective efforts, they have cultivated a culture of professionalism that places a high value on the contributions of both employees and volunteers.

Remarkably, the providers at Lennox Ambulance Service have consistently achieved the seemingly impossible task of catering to the needs of every individual within a vast 189-square-mile territory. This area happens to be situated in one of South Dakota’s fastest-growing counties. Over the years, Lennox has witnessed a steady increase in their call volume, with 354 calls in 2016 rising to an impressive 502 calls in 2022. Despite the immense geographical coverage, the Lennox team maintains an impressive average response time of under 4.25 minutes and an on-scene time of less than 14 minutes. This prestigious award serves as a well-deserved recognition of the outstanding contributions made by the Lennox Ambulance Service to their region and the state as a whole.

Also at the annual Conference, Lennox Paramedic Brenda Sinning was one of five individuals who received the South Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association Lifetime Membership Award. Lifetime Membership is a prestigious recognition for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and service to the South Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association over a period of 15 years or more. Sinning was honored along with Ron Carlson, JD Geigle, Shawn Fischer, and Bonnie Nelson.

“Their commitment to the association and their communities is truly remarkable,” stated the South Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association.

Also at the Conference, Perry was elected tot he role of State Vice President.

South Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association congratulated all those honored, stating “Your dedication, commitment, and excellence in emergency medical services do not go unnoticed. Your contributions are the foundation of strong and resilient healthcare in South Dakota, and we salute your unwavering efforts. Thank you for all that you do to make our communities safer and healthier.”


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